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Insolvency & Restructuring Lawyers in Norwich

We are a boutique legal practice of specialist insolvency, bankruptcy and restructuring solicitors, with an experienced team of lawyers who are all experts in their individual fields.

Our aim is to provide a true ‘director led’ service that means all of our clients are able to access our high quality, and efficient legal advice.

Our Norwich office is located on St Andrews Hill, right in the heart of the city centre, and is easily accessible via car, public transport or on foot.

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Our insolvency and restructuring services in Norwich

Insolvency is a specialist area of law and is not practiced by many lawyers. We offer a wide range of insolvency, bankruptcy and restructuring services to individuals and businesses across Norwich, and UK wide including:

Our business services

Our insolvency and restructuring solicitors in Norwich know all too well the pressures of being a stakeholder in a business that is struggling with financial difficulties. However, simply letting the issue slide is never a sustainable option, which is where our team can lend their substantial expertise.

Whether you are a director, partner or sole trader, our team can advise on a wide range of matters, including company voluntary arrangements, individual voluntary arrangements, administration, liquidation, and partnership voluntary arrangements.

Our individual services

Dealing with financial issues on a personal basis comes with plenty of stress and additional practical difficulties, which is why it is so important to have the right legal expertise on your side at the earliest opportunity.

Our insolvency solicitors for individuals in Norwich have extensive experience in advising and working alongside individuals who are in financial distress. We are able to advise you whether you are owed money, you are a sole trader business, or you are having trouble chasing payments.

Our expertise includes matters such as financial pressure, bankruptcy, individual voluntary arrangements, debt relief orders, sole trader & partnership businesses and matters regarding directors, shareholders and guarantors.


Having to deal with bankruptcy, or even just the prospect of bankruptcy, is likely to be a worrying time for most people, with the future appearing very uncertain. If you, or a family member, are bankrupt or are due to be made bankrupt, our team are on hand to help.

Our bankruptcy solicitors in Norwich have a strong track record of supporting clients with these sensitive issues, making sure that the future is secure.

Our expertise in this area includes a bankrupts’ duties, alternatives to bankruptcy, matters related to the partners or spouses of bankrupts and annulment applications.

Claims against directors

We want to make sure that directors and business owners are able to survive company failure, so they are in a position to pursue alternative business ventures in the future. Our team appreciate that the threats facing directors are extensive, including the risk of a financial claim brought against them, disqualification, and claims by HMRC.

We regularly work alongside directors and shareholders of companies in difficulty, including advising on how to prevent problems from arising in the first instance, as well as defending financial claims arising from a variety of potential sources.

Our specialist expertise in this area includes working with insolvency practitioners, office holder claims, guarantee claims, property issues and HMRC claims.

Lender and creditor services

Our team provides a bespoke service tailored towards lenders and creditors. This includes the preparation and review of specific security and facility documents, debt recovery and assistance for creditors who are having to deal with an insolvent debtor.

Our expertise in this area includes advising on security, commercial debt recovery and matters regarding creditors and insolvency.

Insolvency practitioners

Working alongside Insolvency Practitioners is a core part of the work our team carries out on a daily basis. As such, our insolvency and bankruptcy specialists have a keen understanding of the technical aspects of this work, as well as the importance of the relationship an Insolvency Practitioner has with their legal team.

We publish a regular bulletin on technical insolvency issues for our Insolvency Practitioners.

For more information on this and to get a free subscription, click here.

Disputes and litigation

Disputes, if handled incorrectly, have the potential to be very damaging, both on a financial and reputational level. This means that a carefully considered approach is essential so the best possible outcome can be reached with minimal disruption.

Our disputes and litigation specialists in Norwich will work alongside you to help solve your dispute, using methods such as mediation, arbitration and negotiation to reach the best possible outcome out of court.

However, if court proceedings are unavoidable, then we can provide you with robust representation which will maximise the strength of your position.

Our dispute resolution and litigation expertise includes dealing with insolvency and litigation, banking and finance, personal guarantees, fraud and asset recovery, shareholder and partnership disputes, trust and property issues and contractual disputes.

Cross border and international

There are numerous additional challenges to dealing with multi-jurisdictional insolvencies, but this does not prevent our expert team from being able to lend their support.

We have particular experience in advising creditors, shareholders, lenders and Insolvency Practitioners in other jurisdictions with UK based corporate insolvencies, restructuring issues and personal insolvency.

Director’s disqualification

It is essential that directors who are facing the prospect of disqualification seek legal advice from experts who understand the full process inside out.

Our director disqualification solicitors in Norwich regularly advise directors who are facing potential disqualification. We can therefore provide a comprehensive service in this regard, giving directors the best chance of avoiding disqualification or minimising the length of a disqualification.

Our expertise in this area includes the investigation stage, disqualification undertakings, compensation orders, the effect of disqualification, the technicalities of permission to act and contesting proceedings.

Useful resources for you in Norwich

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How to reach our Norwich office

Reaching us by car

We are just a short walk away from a number of car parks in central Norwich, including St. Andrew’s Car Park, St Giles Multi Storey Car Park and Rose Lane Car Park.

Reaching us by bus

As our office is conveniently located within the city centre, there are a number of nearby bus stops. The details for these stops can be found here.

Reaching us by train

We are around a 15-minute walk away from Norwich Train Station via Prince of Wales Road.


We strive to make our Norwich office as accessible as possible for all of our clients. So, if you have specific accessibility requirements, please get in touch with a member of our team so we can discuss how we can accommodate you.

Contacting our solicitors in Norwich

To get in touch with a member of the team in Norwich, please contact us by ringing 01603 611370, use our enquiry form or email us at