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Lender and Creditor Services

We provide a specialist bespoke service to lenders and creditors that includes preparation and review of security and facility documents, debt and asset recovery and assistance to creditors dealing with an insolvent debtor.


Commercial Debt and Asset Recovery

We appreciate that chasing customers, clients and companies who owe money can be time consuming, infuriating and damaging to cash flow. We work with a variety of lenders and businesses to recover money owed by customers. We also work for lenders to assist with recoveries linked to leased and secured assets. For those with security already in place we have a specialist team devoted to guarantee proceedings, enforcement of legal charges, recovery of leased assets and residential mortgage recoveries.


Security Advice

We know the critical importance of lenders having watertight facility and security documents in place to withstand any future challenges. Our team can prepare a wide range of transactional documents including facility agreements, debentures, legal charges and personal guarantees. They are also used to undertaking reviews of security documents - both on a routine maintenance basis and as a precursor to taking enforcement action.

Insolvency Advice for Secured and Unsecured Creditors

We assist and represent secured and unsecured creditors in both corporate and personal insolvencies. We also provide advice on inter-creditor disputes and positions.


If you are interested in seeing how we could potentially help support your business grow, please feel free to get in contact for a free initial consultation and to discuss where we can assist you. We have offices in London, Portsmouth and Norwich.