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Removal of personal information from the Company register

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For a fee of £55, and provided a new address for correspondence is provided, directors and others can now apply to Companies House to remove details of their residential addresses from the company register.  The new rules were passed in April 2018 and apply to company directors and others, including company secretaries, advisers and people with “significant control” (for example, people who own more than 25% of the company’s issued share capital) and members of an LLP (limited liability partnership). 

The fee of £55 applies for each document for which personal details are removed.  The process cannot be used if the home address is already being used as the Company’s registered office.  Otherwise, the alternative address for correspondence provided will replace the home address on the public register. 

The new rules will particularly affect individuals appointed before 2009 when, as a matter of routine, residential address information was made publically available.  Since 2009 directors have still been required to provide this personal information but it has only been made available for inspection by certain specified categories of person, for example, certain public authorities and credit reference agencies. 

Disclaimer: this article is not to be relied upon as legal advice. The circumstances of each case differ and legal advice specific to the individual case should always be sought.

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